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When someone dies is the succession (all assets and debts when someone dies) distributed among the heirs. Is recorded in a will who are the heirs and which part they get. Can persons be included in a will that no blood related and can, if desired, be disinherited relatives (children have in Netherlands, however, always right to the legitimate portion).


In a will determines who gets what and who are the heirs of the estate. In a will can, for example, the following points:

  • Who are the heirs and for how much
  • The heirs inherit more than they inherit according to the legal rules
  • Provide that heirs inherit less, or not at all
  • Appoint an executor who is responsible for implementing of the will.

But also here are some laws apply in the law of succession. Regardless of the will or marriage for example, children have a right to a share of the inheritance. Children can claim this part via the District Court with the help of a lawyer law of succession.

Notary public or UK Solicitor for your Will?

For those with a legacy is not always clear at whom one for help. What does the notary and what does a lawyer? This article is on it.


Some work can by law be carried out exclusively by a notary public and other work on the basis of the law can only be done by a lawyer. In addition, there are activities which can be carried out by both professions.


Traditionally, the law of succession, the scope of the notary. In recent years, however, much more often at the settlement of legacies lawyers involved. When it comes to tasks that can be performed both the notary if the lawyer, then a notary is often involved in the case the case cannot be dismissed. The lawyer is selected if a conflict situation exists. However, there are also exceptions.



Under the law the notary is competent to draw up a will and mandatory that to enroll in the central register of wills. Also the Declaration of entitlement can only be issued by the notary. With such a statement can legitimize itself as such a recipient, for example, in a bank and on that way for example payments. In addition, the notary public, at the choice of the person concerned, often enabled to accompany the settlement as Advisor for all involved. He can then, for example, an inventory creation, inheritance tax declaration and draw up a deed the estate.



The lawyer is often selected if there are any disputes that cannot be resolved. So it may be that the validity of a will under discussion or that the question is whether a will must be interpreted and if so, how? Also, there are problems between the executor and the other parties involved or there may be problems with an administrator. Often in those situations a lawyer turned on. If a dispute to the Court, Civil Division, must be presented, then it is mandatory to be represented by counsel. Examples include the appointment of a liquidator, claiming the legitimate portion and conducting a distribution procedure.



There are sometimes notaries acting as party-notary public and not as usual as impartial Adviser. In such a situation can be a notary be advise and thus unilaterally take sides in a conflict. A notary would be able to present a case to the Court, district division. Similarly, sometimes UK solicitors involved in drafting a will or testament, particularly judging a concept reviewed by the lawyers glasses. Can also provide a private deed of partition by a lawyer be drawn up relating to the succession. In doing so, nonetheless there may be after that involvement of a notary is required. For example, if there is still a property must be supplied on the basis of the distribution.