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23 - May - 2015

The UK Immigration Law Specialists

Tier2-Work Permits

Tier2 Visas/ Work Permits

work permits

Tier 2 Visas/ Work Permits

Tier 2 visas which replaced the previous system of Work Permits, is designed to attract medium and highly skilled workers to fill gaps in the UK employment market. It allows the UK based employers/businesses to offer a place of employment to overseas (non-EEA) workers to take up an employment in the United Kingdom.

Under the Tier2 of the Point Based System(PBS), the business/company offering the work permit first itself needs to have a 'Sponsor Licence' from the UK Border Agency to be able to offer a place for the Non-EEA nationals. To apply under the Tier2, unlike the Tier1 migrants, you must possess a confirmed offer of employment from a licensed employer to come to the UK.


Employer Licence Application

Any employer based on the United Kingdom who wants to bring in or offer a place of employment to a non-EEA national, must be a 'Licensed Sponsor'. To gain a licensed sponsor status you must submit application to the UK Border Agency(UKBA). You need to submit the application first on-line and then send original supporting documents and applicable fees to the UKBA within 14 days. The UKBA's application fees the Tier2 sponsor licence is £300 for small business and £1000 for medium/large business.

Our expert team of advisers will be able to advice and act as a Level 2 user in your application to the UKBA. The Home Office may visit your business premises if they think necessary to make a decision on the application.

Tier2 Visa Application

If you are an individual looking for an employment in the UK, you must have been issued a 'Sponsor Licence Certificate' by a UK based employer. To succeed your Tier 2 application, you will need to score 70 points under the Point Based System (PBS). There are 3 areas where points will be awarded:

1. Attributes: 50 points

If the job you are offered is featured on 'Shortage Occupation' list and the salary meets the recommended minimum per hour, you will be awarded 50 points under this heading. If it is not a shortage occupation job, points are awarded for residency market pass test, qualification and level of salary offered.

2. English language: 10 points

You must satisfy the English language requirement to come to the UK for employment under Tier2. You are exempt from the requirement if you are from English speaking country or have a UK equivalent university Degree taught in English.

3. Maintenance (funds): 10 points

You will need to show that you have a minimum of £800 in your bank accounts for the last 3 months from the date of submitting the application to gain points under the maintenance heading. Alternatively, if your sponsor/employer is 'A' rated, they can certify for the maintenance. If that's the case, you will not need to provide evidence for the funds.

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